Interview with Mirella De Paris, co-president of Uniwording



Co-chair Mirella De Paris was invited to talk about the Uniwording project with an audio presentation for the online magazine Gas Social.

Can there be a sign language that can be shared around the world and is easy to learn? Apparently yes, it is Uniwording (, a universal sign language designed for everyone and for all ages, capable of circumventing even language barriers, the result of a project born in 2012 in Italian Switzerland.

“One day, exiting the Lugano funicular, I happened to notice in front of me two girls who were chatting very lively among themselves. It seemed like an engaging conversation for both of us, yet even though I was only a few steps away from them, I felt nothing. Then I understood, indeed I saw. The two young women, deaf, were using the signs of their language. Seeing them ‘talking with their hands’, with that harmony and naturalness, was exciting for me. For them, normality. The idea was born at that precise moment: could communicate with signs one day become a possibility for everyone? In the near future we will be able to narrow the linguistic distances with the help of a shared sign language, easy to learn, useful and empathetic. “

This is exactly the goal that Mirella De Paris, former radio journalist at CSR, now president of the Uniwording Association, set herself.

Listen to the podcast:

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