Uniwording Association

The Uniwording Association, non-profit, was born in 2012 pursuant to art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Its purpose is the creation of Uniwording Sign Language, designed for hearing people, who can use it when confronted with language barriers.

The Uniwording language has a gestural vocabulary inspired by the many existing sign languages ​​used by the deaf.

The association also aims to develop an innovative method for self-learning, both sensory and virtual. It also intends to promote a broad awareness of the cultural and social advantages of a coded gestural communication that is easy to access for anyone. Although the project is aimed at hearing people, over time the deaf will also benefit and will be able to communicate easily, using Uniwording as their second language, with hearing people: in the workplace as in free time and in moments of normal daily socialization.


Mirella De Paris
Project creator and co-president

Silverio Pedrini

Fiammetta Semini

Bruna Bernasconi
Communication Consultant

Ernesto Bianchi
Editorial Consultant

Maria Luisa De Paris Frapolli
Production Assistant and Finance Consultant

Pui Ling Comte
External Relation Coordinator

Lino Oggiano
IT Development Coordinator

The Uniwording statute

The statute of the Uniwording Association was approved on January 15, 2012 and is reconfirmed annually by the assembly. Its main points concern the formulation of proposals for rapid local and international recognition of the Uniwording idea and its multimedia proposals.

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