When it comes to “Sign Language”, it is generally thought that there is only one. But this is not the case, because a multitude of sign languages ​​are used in the world, one for each linguistic entity. However, these are always languages ​​that serve exclusively to communicate between and with the deaf.

But today there is also a universal sign language, that is for everyone: it is the Uniwording sign language. It is easy and intuitive to learn and has a simplified grammar. Thanks to this bridging language, borders almost disappear and whoever is the “other”, and wherever they come from, is immediately … closer to us.

The idea of ​​creating the Uniwording sign language was born in Switzerland in 2012 and an original and innovative method was studied to be able to learn it at any age with pleasure and in a short time. The Uniwording language vocabulary currently has around 1500 signs, which have largely been selected from the major sign languages ​​used by the deaf.
The Uniwording language brings people together, as it helps to overcome linguistic barriers everywhere with the naturalness and spontaneous warmth of gestures, in the rich and poor world.

One day, exiting the Lugano funicular, I happened to notice in front of me two girls who were chatting very lively among themselves. It seemed like an engaging conversation for both of us, yet even though I was only a few steps away from them, I felt nothing. Then I understood, indeed I saw. The two young women, deaf, were using the signs of their language. Seeing them “talking with their hands”, with that harmony and naturalness, was exciting for me. For them, normality. The idea was born at that precise moment: being able to communicate with signs, could one day become a possibility for everyone? We will be able to thin the linguistic distances with the help of a shared sign language, easy to learn, useful and empathetic.

Mirella De Paris
Co-President of the Uniwording Association

Our Mission

Uniwording is a project based on the idea that anyone, from infancy to adulthood, can quickly learn a universal and inclusive sign language.

Our Vision

By extending the communicative modality of signs also to the hearing, Uniwording aims to be a means capable of bringing down language barriers in the world, with sympathy and empathy.

Sign language has peculiar expressive advantages and ample possibilities to foster personal creativity.
The project of making it an increasingly widespread knowledge among all speakers would be a valuable purchase,
source of incalculable positive consequences.
Carlo Sini, philosopher

Our partners

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Special projects

Uniwording is a sign language that can be requested for particular areas or needs.
Some examples:

  • Preschool children
  • School age children
  • Older people
  • Tourists
  • People who move internationally for business
  • NGO volunteers
  • Ad hoc didactic proposals are being studied with a selected number of signs for each one of the sub-projects to be developed

Your opinions matter to us:

“The other night I saw the Uniwording card game and I was thrilled with this great idea as I always wanted to take a course. Congratulations!”

“I’m interested in receiving the deck of cards I saw on FB. … Thanks a lot and congratulations for the great idea!”

“I attended a sign language course (LIS, not Uniwording) 10 years ago. I will refresh my knowledge, congratulations on the idea!”

“First of all I would like to congratulate you on the project which I find very interesting. I ask to be able to receive 3 decks “

“I find your Uniwording game wonderful!”

“Really very nice, a wonderful opportunity not to be missed. It would already be a great success to learn a little of this wonderful language “

“I’m interested in buying one so I can use them in my work with children. Excellent idea yours! “

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