One day, around 2010, I noticed two women walking in front of me, talking very animatedly, and yet, although I was only a few steps away from them, I couldn’t hear any words coming from them. Then I understood, in fact I saw. The two women, deaf, communicated using their sign language. The Uniwording idea was born at that precise moment: the sign language – the language of the deaf – is too beautiful not to give it the opportunity to become a language for everyone.

In the near future we will be able to find ourselves on the other side of the world and share conversations in which, naturally, linguistic distances will be bridged by a universally shared sign language, used as a support of the spoken language or autonomously. This bridge-language between cultures and different worlds is called Uniwording and it meets a concrete, measurable and growing need.

The basis of the Uniwording project is the belief that sign language can cross the border of deafness and become a language for everyone.

 Mirella De Paris
Chair of the Uniwording Association

 Uniwording: an intercepted need

 Uniwording stems from an innovative idea and starts from the certainty that anyone can learn – in infancy or adulthood – a sign language, to communicate with people in every corner of the world, thus overcoming the linguistic and cultural barriers that, in the absence of a common language, obstruct mutual understanding.

 In a historical moment in which the term inclusion has become synonymous with attention to multiple diversities, a basic sign language, within everyone’s reach, can become one more possibility to understand each other. Or, in other words, to include and be included.

 The Uniwording App

 The digital App is an essential support for learning the Uniwording language. As already mentioned, this App uses a design for each sign, accompanied by the caption and the “touch” function to activate the animation. In the Uniwording playing cards, on the other hand, we are producing two drawings for each single card . On one side the representation of the sign /word, while on the other the illustration of the word itself.

The objectives and core value of Uniwording

  • Updating and lexical management of the international Uniwording sign language.
  • Development of ad hoc tools to learn the Uniwording language (book, card games, educational files, sticker albums…) and a multimedia method (App).
  • Promotion of cultural advantages and inclusiveness produced by a standardized, codified and easily accessible way of communication.

Uniwording as a bridge-language

 The universality of the project allows us to focus on these types of target:

  •  People who travel a lot
  • Migrants
  • People of all ages, with an interest in multiculturalism and interaction with others.

the  tools needed to work for a more peaceful, tolerant and inclusive world for all.

 Uniwording offers a possibility of simple and direct communication between all citizens who want to be part of global change even in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. The innovative strength of the project consists in the concrete opportunity to make available to everyone a shared language: a beautiful language, a language very easy to learn.

The graph below shows a future projection of the use of the Uniwording language.

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