The Uniwording deck of cards

Before starting the course with the App (currently in the design phase), it is possible to familiarize yourself with the signs by playing with the family with Uniwording cards.

The deck of cards is available in Italian and English at a cost of 20 €, or 20 CHF if purchased in Switzerland.

You can play as a family among people of all ages. By playing with Uniwording cards you quickly learn to memorize the signs with a playful approach.

To buy the deck of cards write us using the contact form.

Flash Cards

By the end of April 2021 the first of the 10 decks of “Flash Cards” that will make up the Uniwording box set for the learning of over 1000 signs will be available.

Flashcards (or flash cards) are nothing more than a set of cards that have a word on one side and the sign that identifies them on the other.

Using flashcards to learn and memorize is super easy!

Read the word, try to sign it, and then turn the card over and see how accurately you “marked”.

Flashcards are one of the most effective study tools ever invented in the field of memory techniques.

Each deck will be sold at a cost of E 20, or CHF 20 if purchased in Switzerland. The box set will be completed in the following months.

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